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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

direct.gov.uk s search volume in cities and regions across the world:United Kingdom enjoys the highest

search volume,the next are Guinea,France,Senegal,Tunisia,etc.

    It's no doubt that the UK enjoys the highest search volume,because it's the website of UK government,

it's the best place to find government services and information,provides you simpler,clearer and faster
service.Including driving and transport,businesses and self-employed,passports,travel and living
abroad,wokings,jobs and pensions,crime,justice and the law etc.

     The second most popular country is Guinea,it is a west African country,and we can see from the
graph,most of them are African countries,so direct has a good market in Africa.Because this website can
help people in many ways including education and learning,housing and local services,money and tax,
disabled people and so on.
     Seeing from the rankings in cities,they are Manchester,Brentford,Birmingham,Poplar,London,Paris,
Montreal,Sydney,Toronto and New York respectively.Notice that?They are all cities of the UK.So it's no
doubt that direct is popular in these cities.Manchester is a big city in northwestern Britain,all these cities have a developed economy and a large population.